The million-dollar question of ‘how much is a cake’ unfortunately has no straight forward answer, as every wedding cake is bespoke. However, below is a brief guide as to the pricing structure and portion numbers of our cakes.

Each cake in my gallery is labelled with a price category and size (to use in this table) and the price of the cake exactly as pictured, but please keep in mind this price may vary if you require the cake to be customised for size and other details.

To confirm a price, please email Katie. Don’t forget to include details such as a picture of your chosen cake and your ideal number of tiers and portions are required as well as details of the venue we’ll be delivering too so that we can calculate a price.

If you have a budget, you are welcome to discuss it with Katie, so that we can tailor your design accordingly.

The service we offer is unique, so we are unfortunately unable to price match other suppliers. Our cakes are priced according to the time and skill required to create them, as unforuntately both quality & time costs.


*Saving for dummy or clients own fruit cake.


Prices exclude decoration: Berries (£30), Flowers (see below) . Add £35 for mixed flavours through the tiers.


(in addition to above prices, where required)

*Please note flower prices are estimates and may vary according to your varieties & the season.


6 Aapothecary jars filled with home made treats & sweets: £180 (incl £12 vat)
Plated treats: usually £35 per plate (incl £7 vat)
Dessert tables: A round table with 8 treats  costs £345 (excl central cake) (incl £53 vat)
Stand Hire: £12 silver stand (incl £2 vat), £6 pedestal (incl £1 vat). Antique Sword £24 (incl £4 vat), Large Marble Pedestal £20  (incl £4 vat)


£495 for a 200  profiterole croquembouche (about 80cm tall)
Gold leaf is an additional £1 per profiterole eg. £50 if applied to 1/4 of profiteroles


The large cheese tower with climbing mice featured on website is £395 (including grapes, biscuits, figs, hand made sugar mice, all as pictured)


All prices exclude delivery. Please contact Katie (with your venue name or postcode) for a price.

*Please note that not every cake fits exactly into a price category, hence this is intended as a guide only.

Every wedding cake is unique so please ensure you contact Katie for a confirmed price.

VAT: Wedding cakes, cake decorations (incl flowers), croquembouche, profiteroles, meringues and cheese towers are all zero rated vat. Cake stands, and other treats are subject to 20% (which is detailed above where applicable)


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