Dessert Tables

If you’re more than a little partial to patisserie, tempt yourself with our dessert tables – accessorize your wedding cake with elegant apothecary jars and delectable treats, to produce the ultimate spectacular edible work of art!

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Vintage Dessert Display Table
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Snowflake Dessert Table
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Modern Tropicals Cascade Cake £449 plus £90 flowers, £25 palms, and Sweet Treats £345

Modern Tropicals Dessert Table
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Tiered Wedding Cake Serves 135, £693 plus £65 suspension, £250 flowers, £3 per donut (£180 for 60)

Suspended Wedding Cake with Donut Wall

Tiered Cake Serves 135 portions, excl flowers (provided by Rob Van Helden), 40 Mini cakes £320, Plated treats £345

Gold Luxe Dessert Table Cake

Patisserie Drip Cake, 100 portions, Price £495, plus treats £35 per set

Oh Baby Dessert Table Cake

Suspended Sequin Cake & Dessert table

Vintage Botanical Dessert Table
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Suspended Cake with Dessert Table
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Serves 135 portions, Cake Price £692, plus £65 suspension, plus £195 flowers, plus £35 per plated treat, plus £220 for 220 for 8 apothecary jars filled with home made treats & sweets

Suspended Sequin Cake with Dessert Table

Tiered Cake serves 70 portions, Price £395, Apothecary jar hire £5 each

Chocolate Vintage Fete Cake

Tiered Cake serves 150, £744, plus 40 chocolate cups £280. Photography by Sarah Vivienne.

Woodland Dessert Table

Tiered Cake serves 125 portions, Price £575, plus mini cakes £380

Great Gatsby Dessert Table

Rustic Foliage Semi-Naked Cake, Serves 125 portions, Price 335, plus treats £35 per plate, excl flowers

Rustic Foliage Dessert Table

Sugar Blossom Cascade Dessert Table
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Cascading Roses Dessert Table
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Blush Sugar Dessert Table
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Serves 120 portions, Cake Price £335, plus £250 bed of flowers plus £180 for 6 apothecary jars filled with homemade treats and sweets

Peach Naked Cake Dessert Table

Tiered Cake serves 80 portions, Price £545, plus treats POA

Heaven Dessert Table

Cake Serves 75 portions, Price £395 plus £95 roses, plus £180 for apothecary jars filled homemade treats & sweets. Photography by Liz Greenhalgh.

Cascading Roses Dessert Table
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Cake serves 135, Price £775, plus £180 for apothecary jars filled with shomemade treats & sweets, plated treats £35 per plate

Taupe Lace Dessert Table

Dessert Table Treats


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