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We are pleased to offer a set range of celebration cakes at reduced prices (compared to our bespoke service). Unfortunately we are unable to offer other celebration cakes during the wedding season (May to September), as we must devote our time to our brides who commission our bespoke design service.

Serves up to 20 portions, £45 sponge

Toffee Drip Cake

10x8" Serves up to 35,£120 sponge

Burghleys Newspaper Novelty Cake

Serves up to 20 portions, Price £39

Chocolate Gold Sequin Cake

8" square Serves up to 50, £85 sponge

Chocolate Golfball Cake

8" round Serves up to 30, £165 sponge

Spectacular Roses Birthday Cake

6" square serves up to 25 £70 | 8" square serves up to 30 £80 | Sponge

Cascading Pearl Cake

Serves 6" serves up to 20 portions, £70, 8" serves up to 30 £80 sponge

Simply Petunia Birthday Cake

8" square Serves up to 40 portions, £185 sponge

Tiffany Charm Cake

6" round serves up to 20, £75 sponge

Choc Ruffle & Truffles Cake

Serves up to 20, £165 sponge

Gardening Cake


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